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Sexting is the combination of the words sex and text in order to relate to the distribution by cell phones or via social networks like Facebook of pictures of partially or fully naked individuals. The major concern and what should be given more attention is sexting in children. Laws of prosecution of minors in child pornography have been made very possible in the previous years. In situations of nudity, an individual can be convicted under pornography laws, causing severe charges andplacement on registries of sex offenders. Most people are worried about the gendered way of sexting and evidence indicates that, ladies tend to feel more pressure as compared to boys in sexting engagement. It is also suggested that sexting may result to cyberbullying and in most cases real life bullying characters.
While accepting bullying possibilities, some people consider sexting an act of playfulness practiced by the young individuals starting to venture into their sexuality and they further reason that, there is no need for criminalization. We should also take note that, as much as sexting is generally considered a character in relation to the young persons, some researches indicate that, grownups also participate in sexting. In cases of sexting in adults, it is considered unproblematic when these pictures are distributed. Sexting can be considered to be flirtatious and extremely fun as seen in lifestyle magazines which go to the extent of giving advices on successful sexting. If a picture is made and distributed without a person’s knowledge, criminal offences like harassment can be taken against the person who distributed the picture. In cases where images are consensually distributed, like for vengeful purposes, then one is allowed to take civil law acts for privacy breach (Karaian & Lara, 2012).

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