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[انسخ الرابط] 1/61

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Sad ending   Because I didn’t get it

No one can ever like me   I here him he says he ssomeone     O wish i ahd a mhaic carpet   I guess i got one

I wish i had an earlier than expexted usual death

Im tried of hospitalizations
Im tored of seeingvmy face all over this game

Im tired of paying for a him
I want someone to pay for me but how do i act it is not even posible that day will come before im deceased

Im going tonhold those beauties forever

One sentences set them off     

I want help  but like i was told it does not work that way

I want it does to shut up

I drove him away    He never got time to himself   The same thing like but with the hovering  in my home

I see why  though sex is ugly and so am i

I miss my face

I miss my life

I miss evertything that made me a person

I ahte having yo fight before i work and struggle with ii hate never having any money  i think   Only the extra Blanket ada ssdi   Becasue in dreams i gues day dreams or day terrrors   My kid if you touch jt  but first in me like all the way in and like too long  uh thats a lot of stuff i don’t appreciate about life

I dialike any man just groping me  like my butt i hated that in school     I blamed it on my weight hain   Meds in merica

Merry merry merry   No family   No create   Ideations  suicidal      Overdose  anti     Well  what are my options

How do i stand on a bed and say (JII)   How please  help me

I think its sad english
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You don’t like any of  it

I think its sad english