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[إقتراحات] أنت غريب ، شارون ستون.

المواضيع المثيرة [انسخ الرابط] 41/882 [قد تم انتهاء الاستطلاع]

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الtwilighters يكمن  all that i want need have to have apart in part me myself and i need peace all way's in 

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This excerpt explores the theme of luck this can be a list started when the author asserts that once hate existed one would never talk about love author proceeds to infer that any individual who distributes the existence of the two somatic concerns is overtaken by events because both are obvious the issue of style is also incorporated in the excerpt four instance the author uses metaphors to bring out more information about the characters as invented three captured with a table with additional heavy and long silverware is likened to a fork in the road Love as a somatic concern in the story comes out clearly when the author claims that the attitude of the attitude of the man remains gullible which implies that it is deceitful the author also paints a picture of love in the story a female voice that sounds somewhat desperate as illustrated through the French words Jeanette says “and I’m peeling quality that is difficult to express or describe the female voice appears to be in love with a man who is adamant or difficult to notice her Morris feelings furthermore the author describes a man as having the endowed andGentlemen but the only issue is that the man may not fall in love with the lady who already has a child from another marriage however the lady in the story is determined to have them but the fact that the other fines the Mensa hit anything that is confusing sissy of principle of the man is the end ligation a thing that concerns and characterization in the excerpt helps and developing the plot towards the end of the lady reveals her emotional insecurity when she says she’s tired of crying and lonely nights this is complicated further by the man’s in actionTheir brain does not allow them to filter

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