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[إعلانات رسمية] أدخل يوميا لتربح الأبطال الاساطير

المواضيع المثيرة مثبت   [انسخ الرابط] 24/1155

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كذاب اما ماي طلع لي أسطوري

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Submitting a Face to the Site

To submit a face and information to be placed on the site, please fill out the form below. Note that most items are required. 
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By submitting this picture, You represent and warrant that You have the authority to grant permission to use his/her name, photograph(s), footage or other image(s), facts about Your loved one as well as other elements of Your loved one's (if submitting a minor's picture; collectively 'persona';). You grant the right to use this picture and submitted information (the 'persona';) on the Faces of Suicide Wall site. You represent and warrant that You own the copyright to the photo(s) or other image(s), that You are authorized to provide the photo(s) and image(s) and information for use on the Faces of Suicide Wall wite, and that no other person, or any firm, corporation or entity, has any right, title, claim or interest whatsoever in and to the photo(s) or image(s) or information.
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