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[(Android) نقاش عام] . جديد can anyone read English

[انسخ الرابط] 1/141

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Moms dead.  Baker Action soon
Im ignorantly pre ordained a nutshell
I played this game until my game broke and the whole time I looked at the statuses and it's not a fairytale wedding or unfortunate death I guess you staying a family of royalty because it's British but it's California America so I understand that nobody would get the credit if they were to marry into a royal family in the Middle East if they were from being an American background so the whole time I just stared at the the honors and the rankings and I only came up with one question which was if I could ask or not after my game broke while my game is broken and it was simply what do you remember me and I'm trusting Google Text-to-Speech while I'm waiting up from my friend because my bedtime is 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time iknowitsyourhiloday

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