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[(Android) نقاش عام] Meds in Merica

[انسخ الرابط] 1/69

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Im sorry is that how many time theheart beats before the abortion that themain from morrocco with goats up a tree andhis mamma pushin the cushion for poop makes the morrocan argule oils in a nutshell  not digetsed by a goat in a tree like this  imagesearch we rarely wake to in merica

Lie to yourself
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I got this new phone it’s an iOS an Apple phone and it tells me these things these words I’m going to just wing it and start talking in a sentence and you get to read it

It doesn’t pick up my accent LOL it’s kind of sad if I am it would pick up my accent I think it would be nice but it’s unfortunate to know that but I found eight on the iOS does not have an American standardize language barrier which to me is saddening 10 find out even if I

Actually talking it to it not for us Siri that thing that makes it like move and shake on my iPhone I’m actually trying to tell you a story a story about what happened in my life and how everybody knows who I am and how I’m so disappointed and sorry for anyone you click that link and ends up in this world of terrors or I would say terraces kite I like the first wait why did

What’s wrong well see these girls they keep doing stuff to me and everybody’s watching it and people are asking why are they doing that to you the problem is it’s not girls now it’s metal and the men here keep on putting all the stuff up online like they think I’m part of a family that I belong to but I’m not I got my hopes up but I’d be cremated like it was paid in full but it’s near $1000.01 grand and I’m like oh my god there’s no way my families going to do that and then I looked up donating your body to science and then if theyIf they cremate the body that’s too bad because it gets buried like a rosary it’s not held hostage up in Saudi Arabia like that link that people could possibly touch the URL I think it’s the grading I think it’s torture I think it’s about time I got all hospital but I don’t Messerli want to go to the hospital because of what they did the necessary because I don’t have any children because they don’t like me because they want me to make no sense because they don’t understand how to paraphrase your whole life when I did because they just don’t like the name Logan for a girl and if I that’s why go to a hospital that’s all I think about why is my name Logan why do I have to go the hospital why is it

a girls name
change it what the heck
cannot understand what it’s saying

Lie to yourself