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i will never what kind of Money this is in cents

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 herteical reflection on the drak and light قم به - Thoughtful

قم به -"بس ڪر، جي خيال پنهنجي پاڻ کان پڇو!" ECard پئڪيجأحبك إلى القمر والعودة
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 yes you still hate me.  

 I don't want to rewrite it I'm sorry it's so late and yes still you hate me because it's late I'm tired I want the account deleted and I just don't keep going on having to live my life knowing that part of me is missing and questions have been asked or I have not been able to answer 100% in all honesty because of what had happened in the circumstances and the penalties that would be Monday morning

 makesthat is in the past.. Plain

I wonder what he does for a living I wonder what his name is I want to name his son I wonder if he has a daughter I wonder how many wives he has I wonder how many times he's been married I wonder how many times he thought he's been married that means from being a person

I wonder how he gets married because we don't get married over here and if we do it doesn't last very long over here I'm very far away or I could just be very much higher than the other places or instead of waking up I just never fell asleep I think I drove everyone crazy I think I'm perfect at driving everyone crazy and I'm sorry about that I'm sorry that for some reason my life was chosen as a sacrifice or a miracle maybe both because I'm still alive I'm Not Dead because I still can see I'm not fly I'm not blind but I do not sleep I do not but I do not relax and I need to sleep I need to rest I need to relax I don't know how I'm going to do this without anyone else normally when you get locked up even in the hospital for a day for a few hours you have to have somebody on the outside to let you out and unfortunately I do not have a and with my Misfortune I'm never going to have that from experience I know for a fact I will be alone forever so of course I would use hell because it be the safest place after everything everyone had already said to me not only including what I had to add to it which was there's no such thing as love you do not settle with one person and you cannot make a sentence that's complete because I was never able to. And I think I ended up hurting people I have feelings so when I end up hurting people I'm hurting their feelings how else would I be able to hurt somebody I mean that's what I don't understand why I'm more like a movie more like a show more like a TV set and that is all I know I'll never know what it's like to have a friend or to have somebody there to talk to you I don't have money for that money does make the world go round yeah I cried because I was great like 50 Shades of Grey and then you add the blue eyes which people over their purchase because they think it's going to benefit and then pay off but why ruin something so beautiful that you had in the first place but I'm having to give up my mole for instance because there was bright light and of course like I had a voice saying let me see that more and the hand and the arm looked to me like it was white but I know on one end one was white one was black but that took time to learn I'm not colorblind I just don't understand why some of these strange things that have been so severely impact thing on my life because yeah I could have put myself at Danger if I ignore the fact that whatever it was that was bothering everyone wasn't able to just go away. It takes a lot of strength to actually end your life I don't know what kind of strength if there was a god that it would take to end my life. The only other thing that I ever seen was the accumulation of the amount of attention that is granted because of the need and the will the one or that person but there's that one thing that stands out in my mind like no other it's because they have love in their family some sort of love that I won't want to remember to hell and back.

I hope to be trustworthy do I really want that no I don't I hope I don't have to stay awake for the rest of my life and I hope I don't have to live to be a hundred years old.  To think of having to hope to be trustworthy is not my English I don't hope for a much but hopefully the name

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كاستل كلاش how are we going to explain the illness???

you are obtuse
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[justify]Why did I overhear someone tell on me okay ill take heri have no other means or ways but her cussing is way far out there as if I never knew my right from wrong this and cussing at me forever other people  have problems   not me I said[/justify]

[justify]used to weigh 138 pounds I wear a size 10when I move down heres[/justify]

[justify]okay if that man ever ever[/justify]

[justify]this is probably one of the hardest things that I could do in my life because I don't talkabout God there's none that doesn't make sense to me because in the first place since when lo and behold are you supposed to say God's name you're not so in fact yes I see where you come from and what you've got and wheredifference between who's I'm confused. if you don't do something now he will hate me. for i hate itto him to have and to hold is whatthe blind receive sight, the lame walkthose who have leprosy are cleansedthe deaf hear, the dead are raised and the good news is proclaimed to the poorwhat is it like breathing in Hell ask your kidsI know if you order a pizza there was these really long sticks and all I can think of is that what they use to have an abortionit's like the Tomato grinder ground everything up and left the tomato skin to be the sticks that would make up the pizza but it's not edible I think in your language would be like peeling grapes but you would have to have a machine to make sure that the full fruit made of good use which would have been for me awhile hell thank youI've been really hot I've been really cold I've been very busy and I've been pretty sick or ill enough to where I could not shower or batheon my own yet I have to because I am aloneI'm not like this guy who tells me he loves [/justify]

[justify]meArmehic bic he understands where he lives but I thought it was where is he and that's just right here for me because that's where I am for him he would be right here because that's where he would be I was done okay that's how I look at it today I & I quit living I've given up everything I have no plans to move on with my life I have no plans to go get a job I have no plans to work I have no plans to have a future[/justify]

[justify]understand it I just heard the words and I nothing that means anything He said I was terrible you said I suck you said I am the worst person in the world he said I am not special he said I am not holy you said he said she said what they said I am nobody you said I am not individual he said I will not make sense you said that I break everything and it's my fault that things happen the way they do if I had not broken something in the first place you also said that in-between worlds[/justify]

[justify]I was ugly you also said that I was fat you also said that I need to die you also said that i need to bleach my skin you also said that you want me to speak in Arabic you also said[/justify]

[justify]you want me to speak in English you also said that I laugh wrong you also said that I was just like you you also said that I talk too much and I don't make any sense you also said you don't have time for me you also said that I'm a troll you also said the you cannot speak to me because of your religion and[/justify]

[justify]your values will not let you or permits you with permission the advancement of communication which the internet now has granted everyone known to mankind if they[/justify]

[justify]can afford it or if they even want it you had told me that I want that but I don't remember that I just remember the word what and it [/justify]

[justify]didn't come from me that was the last thing I ever remember and that was more likely the time I'm supposed to quit my brakes I think[/justify]

[justify]we're the you go from wood and then you go from like a toothpick I like to eat toothpicks nobody said that to me yeah you did you [/justify]

[justify]actually eat wood yeah I do remember what's after the toothpick that reminds me of his [/justify]

[justify]wife the mother of his child thank you mother dear that I love for having his child that he only wanted so dear to be a son and if you were not to have a son or free time with the Sun I'm going to shut up now[/justify]

[justify]If I could change anything about my life I'm not smart enough to think something like im fatter figured later that on my own If I had any sort of intelligence any sort of [/justify]

[justify]language that I was able to speak and how other people understand me I guess that would change my life it definitely would but i don't stand a chance with my name and I [/justify]

[justify]mean it's like life or death if I were to change my name What you really want to know have a actually[/justify]

[justify]kissed a person know have actually been with the person know have I actually lived with a person no everything I do is on my own It's nothing to be the unknown that I am alone I'm sorry I didn't make any friends in my entire human race even if acquaintances were someone of importance I don't feel that I accomplish that goal and if it were necessary because I don't[/justify]

[justify]work I don't have support I don't have love I don't have a family if you don't know what it's like to wake up you don't even know their name then no you don't have a family but if you at least know their name or well I guess it could have been my own name I wouldn't have to worry about if I were alone or not I don't know I don't have experience I don't[/justify]

[justify]have time I don't have people I can trust I don't have help for instance if I had a Facebook account Logan Burkharts I would have no choice but to block my psychiatrist or at [/justify]

[justify]least the Burkhart Logan E. Correct me if i am wrong thought because she already told me she does not like what I say Asperger's to autism and then me a diagnosis that is approved by SSDI I worked so hard to get myself out of this situation and everyone did was lie about me [/justify]

[justify]everyone i feel like I just to do your homework it's good that it's an account that's going to be deleted all suffer the consequences [/justify]

[justify]afterwards You can forward the account of the affair that some guy decided to how with me whether [/justify]

[justify]he wants to kiss me or whether he doesn't want to kiss me I don't care do you want to marry me then marry me yeah I'll marry you sure but wasn't that years ago remember it was the middle of the day I was like 17 years old I hadn't been able to eat it wasn't like I had[/justify]

[justify]looked wired benevolent sexism can also be racism I'm sorry about the clam digging it's kind of cool but it's kind of not I mean it's like going to my bad or a pearl for [/justify]

[justify]fossilized clam poop I'm lost to my mothers jewlery collection i gave up because of the mouth know what it's called What was the point of this it was because I was treated like crap throughout the entire[/justify]

[justify]game and I'll be treated like crap the rest of my life and yeah I guess if you want to hear it cuz you're going to delete it it is like somebody is with me sometimes it takes for me to cry there's nothing there I have no reason I have no proof besides my own life and I mean it was 2003 from late 2002 and to Mid 2004 but ill have him bring up the year made of numbers that look like the word Moon a living breathing hellI guess you really don't need to know my real[/justify]

[justify]name I don't know his name I don't even know if I believe in God any [/justify]

[justify]longer but like I said the other stuff that's on mentionable like when I lay down to or when I just like to relax before I would say go to work whatever it is inside of me that keeps on going if it's another person and he already has a son and he continues to get head the [/justify]

[justify]way he wants to quit it because if that's how the world goes round and that's why the world is so small one at least die in peace and live the rest of my life either without [/justify]

[justify]feeling I guess you could say or I don't know it looks like I'm kind of jammed I'm not Picture Loner now I never will be wouldn't it be nice to have a child with purplish snow white eyes I don't know but I can think of it but I'm probably talking about myself again and again and again disregard everything I say[/justify]

[justify]delete everything I do remove everything that I've ever been made of make sure to block every account from any access delete the entire Forum while you're at it when you have a king and a kingdom something is terribly wrong when you have a person speaking in [/justify]

[justify]English he doesn't know a spit of armehic there's nothing nothing to tell that person why don't you just go to sleep it's 10 till 12 go already told you that you know what olly olly oxen free is okay you're set free like a yoga pro no no I do not make love but it seems like everyone likes to create it taught me how to kiss His God show me how to live my life when you're in hell and have to make it up three four five six seven flights of stairs has God taught me how to feel is God taught me how to happen emotions his God taught me how to stop thinking his God taught me how to separate myself from the entire game of http://vip.igg.com kite_day what a joke. evil... and live my life whether or not you think I was playing his God let me believe that I were someone at one point in time in my life his God was just always going to be like a man but never something that I would call out as my love his God could teach me [/justify]

[justify]how to love as God has shown me how to love his God might even be able to make love to me but those are the words that I stumble on and that's where my problem because [/justify]

[justify]you have to make love and I don't know who he is besides I just know that God is able to do all of that okay I guess that's why I want an [/justify]

[justify]ENclosure what did I miss what was inside this that I had not understood what is inside of me that I still cannot figure out or what is his God that wants to show me just as his God has shown me to kiss then what the heck else is there I don't know why it's happening to me and I'm sure you don't want to hear me either we have to remember you will be able to because my voice it's going to go out there going to be no words I will have no way or means to use I'll be able to breathe I'll be fine because God will let me do that just his god[/justify]

[justify]The scars remain like fire from a fight or chosen battle against me forever.  I don't understand how the color came out to be so ironic don't you think going to point the finger we are going to go people names cuz I don't want the center of attention and I'm sorry if I was called in because the other person was the other lesson that I could sell you just kind of like what I had asked in the first place why would you read something if it was so evil for so degrading if it was so moronic it was just too difficult in the first place to try to even understand especially when it's coming from a person who is listen to music I think it was Irish and Gaelic or Latin or something you could have been both just translated out of one's language into another language which is not use that much in music but somehow it still existed I guess for sure but it wasn't that and I really like this a lot and it was kind of like I'm staying on your bed and say gee to me all that matters is with spreads on the floor I didn't have a bad girl with no bed will I would have a sister if she's not and I hate this photo and I added the scars if you were there at the time when it would have looked like to see the scar or this guy up in the process of the scarring or whatever you call it I don't know if it's going to come up I've kinda given up on trying to type and now I'm just dictating or typing I don't know what this thing is it's a computer it's possessed by the telephone I guess we have to be careful when you push those keys or you choose what you say because it's your cell that's doing it it's not going to be anyone else how many other words they're going to come up with her any other and salt or even a person with the same name just doesn't like with the other person has to do with themselves because I think they're smart and if that's what they want to do with their time it's hard to accept and it's hard to want to go on it always will be with me I was far as God is concerned I don't know why I'm alive I didn't never understand but he chose to whatever he wanted to do and he's going to do that the same way he wanted to when he removed all my information off the internet because he thought it just a bunch of blunder is something God damnit I wish you could kill yourself but you just are humans so it's too hard to know how much the United States hates off I hate myself over there by the United States.  Yeah but the colors of the blood there was green blood for split and then it just out black Drawers like a not boxes like how you draw office cigarette  sounds[/justify]

[justify]Something when you get money to pay for everything else would you like $500 for it[/justify]

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